Transitio is a division dedicated to transition management, created by Eurosearch Consultants to respond effectively to temporary requirements by its Client Companies.

Transitio is called in when there is a need for specific management skills for limited periods in time, during reorganisation or streamlining processes, for the development of activities connected with the sale or acquisition of a business, and at moments of succession in management.

Professionals working with Transitio are experienced Managers who have spent their career covering positions of significant responsibility within Italian and/or multinational companies, and are therefore able to operationally manage activities and projects in the best way possible. They bring their expertise and skills to the host company, reaching the desired objectives that were previously shared with the client.

The Managers involved with Transitio do not hold any formal relationship with the Client Company, their sole contractual relationship is with Transitio, which in its turn enters into a service contract with the Company.

Transitio does not limit itself to choosing and appointing the Manager, but instead closely follows approved activities through an appointed Project Leader, who ensures compliance with the agreed timing and objectives set out.

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